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Valtorp area

The Valtorp area is the parishes Södra Kyrketorp and Valtorp.

Karta över Valtorpsbygden

You drive through on the road 46 on the distance Falköping - Skövde.

Valtorpsbygden has a long history of farming. You find prove all around that people have lived here long time. The area is rich of ancient prehistoric finds such as megalite stonegraves. You find a lot of those in the Falköping area.

The biggest industry was once the limestone quarry at Rössberga. Today it's no longer exist.

Today the two parishes belong to the churchparish Hornborga, there you also find the former parishes: Bolum, Borgunda, Broddetorp, Brunnehem, Dala, Hornborga, Segerstad, Stenstorp, Sätuna, Söddra Kyrketorp, Valtorp.