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Falköping Today

Falköping is the third highest located town in Sweden as the town is on the plateu and on the hillside of Mösseberg.

Farming land

Falbygden is a farming land. A lot of small farms all over. But not so many as it used to be as the farmers have to much taxes and do not get so much pay. The competition come from EU's other countries, specially Denmark and Ireland and they don't have to pay so much taxes. A lot of farmers wifes work outside the farm. The milkcow is the most common animal around here.


Here is the center in Sweden of Volleyboll. At the Gymnasium (high school) it's a class with Volleyboll students for boys and girls.

Falköping is also a center of glidings in Sweden. Falköping has a long history in that. At the plateu of Ålleberg is the Royal Gliding school which have summerclasses for glider teachers and gliders from all the Scandinanavian countries are brought here to be repaired. At winter the center is on the Falköping's airport and the gliding classes at the Gymnasium.

Here 40% of all juwelry in Sweden are made. You can find several small business and factories in the town. The biggest is Alton. You also find a Gymnasium in juwelry here.

Volvo Cars has a factory in Floby. There it makes brake discs for cars. Not only for Volvo cars but also for SAAB and General Motors.

In the town Kinnarp you find KINNARPS. They making furnitures for offices. They are marketing leader in Scandinavia. The market for them is in Europe.

The company Arkivator is a precision-tool workshop and works for several companies. Among the work they do are parts to the Hasselblad camera and delivery parts to Sony Ericsson cellphones.